3D Santa Christmas greetings: a miracle in a shopping mall

Shopping and Santa Claus are two huge attributes of every Christmas period. And while Santa Claus is a character beloved by all, shopping during the holiday season can be extremely exhausting. According to PwC US , this year holiday season spending will increase by 10% to an average of 1,121 USD per shopper. However, this is not good news for traditional retailers.

First of all, more consumers prefer travel and entertainment presents to usual gifts. More importantly, traditional bricks-and-mortar stores are loosing to digital shopping which is expected to increase by 25 percent. A big part of this rise is concentrated on mobile shopping which is also up by 25 percent. More insights on the innovation challenge for the retail industry  and how to attract consumers back to the shopping malls and brand stores in the previous post.

In this shopping mall PM Screen made sure that shopping experience is an adventure for the whole family. An interactive 3D animation technology accompanied by the sound makes Santa Claus alive on a plasma screen video wall. A spectator is able not only to talk to the screen, but also to get real time reactions to his/her movements using the motion sensing input device by Microsoft Kinect.

A striking experience made by PM Screen is that children do not feel any restraint interacting with this technology: dancing, waving, asking questions and singing together with Santa Claus were all part of the interactive 3D animation experience. Powered by unique visual graphics and some magic 3D Santa Claus is a fantasy which came true in an ordinary shopping mall.

Merry Christmas and a miraculous 2017 from the PM Screen team!