Holograms and retail: innovation challenge for the retail industry

Altec Lansing speakers presented by PM screen holograms. Holograms and retail

With the rise of online shopping, traditional bricks-and-mortar stores are increasingly challenged to rethink their businesses. While consumers expect an exciting shopping experience, holographic technology helping to introduce holograms in retail is an answer to the rightly posed question which we face with every shopping decision: “Why should I go to a physical store if I can get the same product online?” More and more immersed in the digital world of endless possibilities consumers are looking for comparable experiences outside of the virtual reality. What if there were no limits to what you can show in your store? What if you had a tool to make you product stand out in any way you can imagine? Holograms are expected to be the next big trend in retail.


This is exactly what we do at PM Screen. Powered by PM Screen, 3D holographic retail displays empower our clients to make sure that the WOW factor attracts crowds, leaves a lasting memory to every excited customer, and inspires people to share their excitement on social media – and you know that the best story about your product is the one told by a satisfied customer.


Furthermore, technology innovations in the retail industry can transform an exhausting shopping experience into a fascinating discovery adventure with PM Screen 3D animation tailored for a holographic retail display of your choice.


Take a look at PM Screen collaboration with Altec Lansing “Everything Proof” BoomJacket Outdoor Speakers.

Found in more than 500 Best Buy shops across the US, Altec Lansing Boomjacket Outdoor Speakers showcased in 3D holographic retail displays demonstrate the “Everything Proof” capacities of the new product. PM Screen 3D animation featuring water and fire elements makes sure that you will not miss this attraction during your next shopping tour.


Industry experts agree that the “now or never” moment for retail has arrived and holograms and augmented reality are the hottest trends for the upcoming years. Being amongst the pioneers of holographic technologies, PM Screen is ready to offer an integrated solution for any retail challenge. Holographic displays offered by PM Screen come with “easy plug and play” capabilities, meaning that all you will require to make magic happen is a power source.


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