PM Screen launches animation and vfx production services

PM Screen US is happy to announce the launch of a new line of services for advertising production in the United States. As of this fall, PM Screen US extends its variety of products by adding 3D animation video and visual effects (vfx) production to company‘s portfolio.

Take a look at our portfolio video:


“Video production demand is clearly still on the rise since video is becoming the main communication tool in any context. We noticed that our customers are looking for new ways to stand out and attract attention. By offering world class 3D animation and vfx production we aim to make any idea a reality.”, said Darius Cincys, PM Screen US Managing Director.

Consumers value video content with more views, clicks and longer attention span dedicated to a product. YouTube users alone spend more than a billion hours on the video platform every day. Cisco predicts that 80% of internet traffic will be video by 2020. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 79% of marketers are already using video, but highlight that they also need a better understanding of how effective different content is.

PM Screen partners with a network of experienced advertising production companies and high level professionals in Northern and Eastern Europe in order to ensure that every service required to meet clients‘ needs is of the highest quality.

Donatas Stonkus, PM Screen Europe Managing Director believes that talented animators are what makes PM Screen services truly exceptional: “By expanding our network of partners we are sure that we can deliver amazing quality at very flexible terms. Northern and Eastern Europe has long been a hub for highly qualified and creative animators and vfx specialists and we are glad to be their gateway to the US market.”