PM Screen at CES 2017 trade show

Altec Lansing made headlines early this year with their new wireless Smart Stream speakers. And PM Screen was busy preparing holograms for the biggest trade show of the year, CES 2017 in Las Vegas. For the third time, Altec Lansing chose exhibition stands featuring various products surrounded by 3D holograms powered by PM Screen.

This year, PM Screen was glad to work on holograms for Altec Lansing Shadow Headphones, Lux ANC Headphones, Nick Jonas True Wireless Earbuds, Versa Porta Speaker and the amazing BoomJacket 2. Nick Jonas, a new partner of Altec Lansing, attended the CES 2017 trade show himself and caused much action at the company’s booth.

Expanding the limits of the possible: product presentation at its best

Leah Steinhardt, Director of Marketing for Altec Lansing, explained her choice to work with PM Screen:

“CES is all about attracting attention to our latest products.  With the magnitude of the show size, it can be challenging to draw that show attendee into your booth. PM Screen helps us to lure that potential customer into our booth with their dynamic presentation.  Holographic displays animated by PM Screen expands the limits of the possible for product presentation and continues the tradition of Altec Lansing of being a groundbreaker in it’s field.”

The challenge of standing out in a trade show redefined

According to Darius Cincys, Managing Director of PM Screen US, the biggest challenge for companies in a huge trade show like CES is to have an exhibition stand worth remembering.

“Altec Lansing is a company driving the history of innovation and this is what we had to represent in CES 2017. It is incredibly difficult to stand out in a trade show which is all about innovation. We placed the chosen products inside holographic displays surrounded by our 3D animation. Animated holograms clearly display various features of the product and attract masses to display stands of our client. Virtual reality creates an unforgettable wow effect and is so easy to have with ‘plug and play’ capabilities of holographic displays offered by PM Screen”, said Darius Cincys.

In 2017, PM Screen US plans to expand it’s collaboration with different brands representing them in various trade shows around the year. PM Screen US team loves the excitement of big fairs coupled with an excellent opportunity to show the incredible holograms and their power to attract masses.

The next show on PM Screen’s calendar: Digital Signage Expo 2017, March 29 – 30, Las Vegas.

More about CES write by our partner Realfiction.