PM Screen’s hologram visiting the Congress!

PM Screen has enjoyed a hot summer. One success story I want to share with you is PM Screen’s collaboration with Pivotal Commware, a Seattle based technology startup that just announced a $17 million funding round including a huge support from Bill Gates. When Pivotal Commware went to the Inventions Expo in the U.S. Congress to present their incredible new beamforming solution, they chose PM Screen’s 3D holographic display as the best way to show how this company will revolutionize wireless access to everyone.


We have all been there: sitting on a train or in a plane and trying to connect to that apparently working hot spot and then struggling to at least read our emails and news for hours, constantly refreshing the websites, connecting over and over again. In the end of the trip, you feel that no Internet at all would be a much better solution after all. Pivotal Commware is committed to change that with the Holographic Beam Forming™ technology.


After the show we asked Kent R. Lundgren, Pivotal Commware VP of Marketing and Sales, to share his experience using PM Screen 3D holographic display. Here is a short interview for our readers:

Before the show our teams worked closely to produce the animation to represent your breakthrough technology. How did it go?

“PM Screen‘s team took the time to understand our technology and represented it well. We were very pleased with its animation. I think  PM Screen’s experience with this media contributed to such a strong outcome. I am very glad we went with PM Screen. It was great to see the huge attention we had in the exhibition.“


What is your experience with having the 3D holographic display in your booth in the Inventions Expo in the Congress?

“It is not always easy to explain the technology behind Pivotal Commware. The display was a great conversation starter. In my exhibit area  I had a large flat screen TV and your box on a stand running the animation. It was interesting to watch that it has the retail effect drawing people to the stand.  People would make a lot of pictures and even try to touch the screen!”


Some of our clients ask us how to continue using the 3D holographic display they purchased after an expo. What are your plans?

“We are moving to a new office in two months. I think it would be great to have the display in our reception area so that all our guests can see what Pivotal Commware does. I was happy to learn that we can pre-program the display to go on and off during certain hours, so the animation can go for many months without anyone having to touch it.

Additionally, we are thinking about adapting the animation for our website homepage, because it nicely conveys our message”.


At PM Screen we are very proud to have displayed the amazing invention of Pivotal Commware to more than 2.000 participants of the Inventions Expo on Capitol Hill.