How to choose the right holographic display?

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Holographic displays differ in 2 ways: size and the number of transparent walls.

  • The smallest 3 sided holographic display is our best-seller HD3. If you aim for a single display to present your product, this is your best choice.

Perfect for: stores, expos, shopping malls, large offices


  • The smallest and most affordable single sided holographic display POP 3┬áis especially powerful due to its built-in fusion feature which looks amazing in a line of 2 or more POP3 displays. It is also great for small spaces in retail stores. Because of the single transparent wall, it can offer a great frontal view.

Perfect for: stores, expos, offices. Also great for bigger spaces if more than one POP 3 is displayed.


  • XL3 is a 3 sided display twice as big as HD3 and is a great attention magnet. It is an excellent choice for bigger spaces with heavy traffic.

Perfect for: shopping malls, expos, large offices, lobby areas


  • Scandinavia 180 XXL is our largest 3 sided display. It aims to capture attention in large spaces and offers extra branding opportunities for your product.

Perfect for: shopping malls, expos, lobby areas, airports, museums.


  • Scandinavia 360 XXL is the only 4 sided display. It can be branded according to your needs and it is the best we can offer to create a maximum wow effect and attract crowds.

Perfect for: large shopping malls, expos, lobby areas, airports, museums.


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