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HypeBox. Plug‘n‘Play All-In-One Solution

The HypeBox is an integrated transparent LCD screen solution which enables the user to see a real product at the same time as he can see digital content on the screen.

Automatic Video Playback

Play automatically from USB Stick (looped playback). Video formats like .MP4, .MPG, .AVI and .MOV are supported.

Clear & Crisp Image Quality

Full-HD resolution is available for nearly all sizes! Brilliant colors and our highly developed LED lighting create a unique experience.

Incredible Transparency

The high and clear transparency turns this product into an incredible tool for any store, exhibition or event. Look through the display like it’s just a piece of glass.

Sophisticated Design

The robust construction is made from steel, finished by a white matt powder-coating. The rounded corners let the boxes look beautiful in any environment.

Three Available Product Types

Depending on what you want to showcase, different aspect ratio will be beneficial.

Transparent LCD screen boxes available in sizes (Cube)
10.4″ | 19″

See-through LCD showcases available in sizes (Cinema)
21.5″ | 32″ | 42″| 47″ | 55″ | 65″ | 84″

Translucent Display showcase available in sizes (Panorama)
29″ | 55″ 1/2

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